The OnTheMic project is moving forward


The project team met in Finland between the 10th and 11th of May 2022. Most of the partners attended the meeting on-site and some participated remotely. The project has started at the end of 2021, but the team had not had the opportunity, before this meeting, to get to know each other face to face.

The objectives at the project are to develop tools and methods for identifying and recognizing prior learning using flexible learning pathways and to develop and promote the use of micro-credentials in the recognition of competencies, especially in under-represented groups. The project will also promote digitalisation and the green transition in all its activities.


What did the meeting give us? What did we achieve?

First of all, it was so nice to meet the project partners in person and get to know each other better. We were able to build a common understanding of what we are doing, how to move forward and achieve the objectives set for the project.

The project actors each presented the situation and future activities in their respective areas of responsibility. The project actors each presented the situation and future activities in their respective areas of responsibility, such as dissemination, website, management issues and development of the project results.

The meeting focused mainly on PR1 and its progress. The aim was to finalise the learner questionnaires that will be used to match learners’ skills and competences with the identification of learning environments. The identification of learning environments is being implemented in PR2 and work on this is starting in several work-based learning environments in Iceland, Germany and Finland.


Sara Mihin presented what has already been done in Project result 1 (PR1) and what where is coming next. This PR’s aim is to create a e-portfolio that learners can use to showcase their general work-life skills. The e-portfolio will be based on a self-assessment questionnaire, which each learner will complete either independently or with the support of a teacher/ trainer/ coach. The self-assessment form also allows learners to monitor the development of their work-life skills. The e-portfolio compiles the answers in an easy-to-read format that learners can present to employers, for example when applying for a job.


The project team also spent time together over dinner and walking a bit around Suomenlinna Fortress, which is a Finnish cultural treasure. Its construction began in the mid-19th century, when Finland was still part of Sweden.


Being together and working together created a sense of belonging, clarified the common goal of the project and enabled the project to move forward in leaps and bounds.


Pia Törnwall
Project manager

Stay tuned to know more about the project!