Arbeit und Bildung e.V. Germany

A+B is an NGO that has been looking for ways to overcome unemployment in Central Hesse for 30 years. We offer jobs, non-profit activities, apprenticeships, vocational preparation courses, further and advanced training, employment agencies, integration services, school degrees, networks, individual counseling, coaching. Our non-profit companies run by the target groups mainly work in environmental and nature conservation, recycling and waste prevention. Our projects adress as well social areas such as youth welfare, work for the elderly, raising their social participation, the integration of disabled people, migrants, refugees and former addicts. Within the subsidiary Neue Arbeit Marburg GmbH we hold integration companies in networking with the the city and administrative district. We are member of the Paritätisches Bildungswerk Hessen and we are in cooperation with ARFIE and member of REIN: europ. Network for disabled people. We are part of the Mittelhessischer Bildungsverband e.V. Experience with exchange projects with Integration through exchange (Ireland and Spain) and TLN Mobility (Czech Rep., Slovenia, Spain). We have around 100 employees and around 2000 participants, Coaching contacts per year.

A+B Project Team Members

Jutta Alberti

 Jutta Alberti pedagogical experience with target groups

Coordination of Integration (IdA) through exchange with young people and people with disabilities, project management ESF programs: Erasmus+-sendings of young people in vocational training, integration of unemployed people with handicaps, TLN Mobility working with incomings from Spain and Slovenia

Skills: Organisational skills, Languages: English, German

My name is Sara Mihin and I work as an assistant and researcher on Erasmus+ project in Arbeit und Bildung. I have bachelor’s degree of Ethnology and cultural anthropology and master’s degree of Business science. In the past I worked in a museum as an anthropology field researcher. I also work for a company which provides software applications in automated customs procedures and logistics. I was assisting in the implementation of new program modules.

In my free time I like to travel, meet new people, and spend my time in the mountains. My whole life passion is volleyball, I was playing and also coaching it.

The goal for my future is developing my knowledge and skills in the researching area, because I wish I could through my work contribute to the implementation of digitalization, that would improve people’s lives and be more friendly to the environment.

Sarah Mihin