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Miðstöð símenntunar á Suðurnesjum – MSS Iceland

MSS is a lifelong learning center providing:  Study-and career counselling, diploma bridges, Icelandic for foreigners and different courses for immigrants.  We have also got a vocational rehabilitation department. Educational service for companies in the area. In addition we have various courses for individuals, adult education for people with disabilities. We also provide premises for distance learning for university students. 

MSS Project Team Members


Steinunn Björk Jónatansdóttir has a B.A. degree in Education studies and took a master’s degree in career and guidance counselling from The University of Iceland. She is a career counselor and has worked in adult education and guidance for eight years. Her main topics are counselling for individuals and groups with no or little formal education, helping people improve their skills in the labor market, goal setting, self empowerment, personal counselling and validation programs.

Sveindís Valdimarsdóttir graduated as a teacher from the Teacher´s University of Iceland 1992, with empasis on English and art. She was teaching in the secondary school for almost 30 years.  She has a licence for 15 m boats since 2007 and in 2019 she took a diploma in tourist guiding. She has taken various seminars in teachers training for Icelandic for foreigners.  Sveindís has been a project manager and teacher at MSS since 2007.  Her main field is organizing education for foreigners, as well as teaching Icelandic and occationally artwork and guiding tours with students.


Gunnrún Theodórsdóttir has a Master´s degree in social work from The University of Iceland. She has worked in the vocational rehabilitation departmet in MSS for five years.

Her main topics are counselling for individuals who have dropped out of the labor market due to illness or accidents.

Provide them with counselling on various issuses, related to their health and how to get back on track in the labor market.