Tavastia Education Consortium Finland

Tavastia Education Consortium provides education in Tavastia General Upper Secondary Education, Vanajavesi Adult Education Centre and Tavastia Vocational College.

Tavastia Vocational College is one of the biggest upper secondary vocational colleges of its kind in Finland. It provides vocational qualifications in 33 study programs for 2,300 youth students. The duration of studies is about three years and the teaching language is Finnish.

In adult education Tavastia Vocational College provides 70 different vocational qualifications and personnel training for over 3,500 students annually.

Tavastia Vocational College organizes integration training for immigrants, basic education for adult immigrants and preparatory study programs for immigrants within the vocational college. Tavastia Vocational College provides apprenticeship training both in youth and adult education. The expertise, up-to-date facilities and equipment give excellent possibilities to organize tailor-made training to meet the requirements of enterprises. 

Project’s team members


Arto Ruhala

Development director in Education Consortium Tavastia. Having nearly 30 years of experience in adult education, the main interests have been cooperation between vocational education and companies, apprenticeship training, immigration issues, employment support systems and internationalisation. Cultural diversity, creativity and the arts are always close to my heart.