p-consulting.gr Greece

p-consulting.gr is an IT, Training and Consulting company, located in Patras (Greece). The main objective of the company is the provision of: quality IT and consulting services in business terms to companies and enterprises in all sectors of economy, training services which address the needs of various target groups (young people, teachers in primary and secondary schools, people from vulnerable groups, elders, unemployed people, entrepreneurs, etc), IT services, focusing on web development and creation of online educational platforms, managing and developing project services, mostly oriented to improve the quality of people, especially from socially vulnerable groups.

p-consulting.gr’s Project Team Members

Charitini-Maria Skoulidi is an economist, and a holder of 2 University Bachelor’s Degrees, in “Business Management” and “Economics” respectively, with a long experience in project management, acquired through her, more than 16-year long avocation, with a large number of national and international cooperative projects, either as a coordinator or a partner. She has actively participated in the sector of accessible tourism, and in particular in Tourist Business Management, on which she holds a Master’s Degree. She has numerous connections and cooperations with local organizations and businesses, such as Regions, Commercial Chambers, Economic Chambers, as well as Local, National, Tourist, Economic, and Environmental Organizations. She has experience in adult education, counting more than 3.300 hours of experience on mixed and on-line education, mainly regarding SMEs and unemployed people. Having experience on the Management of a large number of projects, she is now a trained evaluator, a developer of on-line educational material, mainly for SMEs, including the management of innovations and rural development, a researcher, and a curriculum designer. Charitini-Maria has a long experience in Management and Consulting, especially with under-development and already existing SMEs, as well as a 15-year long experience in organizations working with disabled people, as a Director in projects co-funded by the European Union and the Greek state, and as a Director of a Center working for the social and vocational integration of disabled people.

Panagiotis Anastassopoulos holds a Bachelor’s Degree in “Mathematics” from the University of Patras, Greece, and has expertise in developing Information Systems, especially in WEB2.0 applications. He has more than 16 years of experience in innovative entrepreneurship and in Consulting of Information Systems, thus acquiring knowledge on digital Sales, advertisement, and other applications of the modern Business environment, utilizing methods offered by new technologies and computer science. He has expertise in information systems via the online development of applications and Social Media Management. A developer of educational content that relates technology, with entrepreneurship and education. At the same time, he participates in various conferences on the educational needs that are bound to appear in Europe, with the new age of the Mechatronic Revolution, closely co-operating with the Basque Government. He speaks English and Italian fluently, and has good knowledge of Spanish and German. He is the Greek National Representative in EfVET since 2013, a European forum for vocational education and training, counting more than 4.000 members around Europe. Panagiotis holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management (from the Hellenic Open University). With great experience in managing national and transnational projects from South East Europe to Erasmus+ and ESPA, he is as effective as he needs to be. His business and communicational background in managing and guiding neophyte and existing SMEs and unemployed people, ensures the success of their first steps in the business arena. Economical management of co-funded European projects in various sectors, such as the extroversion of SMEs, youth entrepreneurship, and rural development. He is a consultant on a social enterprise, as well as in many training projects.

Chara Stassinopoulou has a post-secondary diploma in Translation & Interpretation in English, proficiency & teaching license in English as a foreign language from the Hellenic/Greek Ministry of Education, leading to her long professional experience in translating numerous and various documents in and from English and in teaching English as a foreign language, to all level trainees, both students and adults. At the same time, she acquired experience in administrative support to corporate executives and service rendering. She has a bachelor’s Degree in Management of Cultural Resources and has offered her services voluntarily to a Non-Profit Organization, focused on developing entrepreneurial soft skills for young adults and women, as an Educational Events’ Production & Communication Manager. Chara envisions the European Union as a further inclusive, democratic, and culturally pioneering Institution. She strongly believes that teamwork and spirit can create everyday life wonders, so she has joined the p-consulting team with great enthusiasm in order to contribute to the company’s EU projects.