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Micro Credentials

As job and qualification profiles change constantly and new professions emerge rapidly in the wake of today’s digital and green transitions, people from all sorts of sociocultural environments, especially from marginalized or vulnerable ones, need support to upgrade and reshape their skills and discover their full potential.

Shorter forms of learning opportunities than traditional qualifications, are being developed rapidly across Europe and the world. These opportunities are made available by a wide variety of public and private providers in response to the demand for more flexible, learner-centred forms of education and training.

Micro-credentials can be particularly useful for people who want to upskill or reskill to meet labour market needs or to develop professionally after starting work… They certify the learning outcomes of short-term learning experiences, …. They offer a flexible, targeted way to help people develop the knowledge, skills and competences they need for their personal and professional development.”

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Self-Assessment Tool

Self-Assessment Tool

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Online Training

Online Training

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Validation of Learning – Micro-credentials

Validation of Learning – Micro-credentials

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